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Are You Ready For Root Cause Healing?


Are you tired of chasing symptoms and being told "everything looks fine" when you know deep down there's a root cause that isn't being addressed?

Are you struggling with anxiety, fatigue, IBS, bloating, constipation, hormonal imbalances, acne, eczema, insomnia, PCOS, thyroid dysfunction or other chronic health symptoms that never seem to go away, no matter what diet or medication you try? 

If so, you've come to the right place. I created The Root Cause Academy™ for individuals like you who are tired of band-aid solutions and ready to find the REAL root cause of their frustrating symptoms.


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In this course, you'll learn the framework of my one-of-a-kind Root Cause Healing Roadmap, find the real root cause of your frustrating symptoms, and create the health foundations you need to navigate your healing journey with confidence.

The Root Cause Academy™ covers everything I use with my 1:1 clients to help them achieve amazing health transformations!

The "Why" Behind This Course

After spending hundreds of clinical hours with clients struggling with a range of different chronic health symptoms, I realized that in most cases, the root causes are very similar:

  • Lack of proper health foundations (functional nutrition, sleep, movement, nature)

  • Stuck in a sympathetic nervous system state (always in "fight or flight" and inability to properly handle stress)

  • Toxic overload (parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and other toxins)

  • Lack of education on exposure to toxins in everyday food & bodycare products name a few.


With this in mind, I started crafting The Root Cause Academy™. This course contains all of the information I share with my clients to help them find the root cause of their symptoms for good and achieve amazing results like these.


Having struggled with a number of "mystery" chronic illness symptoms myself for years (Lyme, mold illness, cystic acne, chronic fatigue, brain fog and severe anxiety to name a few), this course also contains everything I used to uncover my own true root causes and regain my health again.

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Summer Segar, FDN-P

The Root Cause Academy™ Is Right For You If...

  • You are tired of doctors and health practitioners telling you "everything is fine" even though you know in your heart (and body) something is off.


  • You are struggling with where to start when it comes to root cause healing, and are looking for easy-to-follow guidelines from an experienced root cause practitioner.


  • You have a number of "mystery" symptoms like bloating, acne/eczema, hormone imbalances, IBS, anxiety/depression, chronic fatigue, Lyme or thyroid dysfunction and are tired of using band-aid solutions to try to help.


  • You want to join a community of like-minded individuals on a holistic healing journey to find their true root causes and regain vitality for good!


Inside The Root Cause Academy™:

  • 5 comprehensive video modules

    • Intro To Root Cause Healing​

    • Functional Nutrition

    • Healing The Nervous System

    • Navigating Toxins

    • Low-Tox Living

  • Over 200 pages of BONUS PDF handouts (including an Adrenal Cocktail Guide, Coffee Enema Guide, Macro Tracking Guide, Castor Oil Pack Guide, Grocery Guide and MORE!)

  • 120+ metabolism-supportive recipes in the form of convenient meal plan eBooks

  • discounts on professional-grade supplements

  • membership to the exclusive RCA Facebook community

  • lifetime access to the course and all future updates

.....and MORE! Join the course now for limited-time access to Early Bird Pricing.

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Common "Root Causes" Covered In The Course:

  • Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Nervous System Dysregulation/Chronic Stress

  • Parasites

  • Mold

  • Bacterial Infections

  • Dental Infections

  • Toxins in the Home

  • Heavy Metals

  • Mineral Deficiencies

       and more.

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Stop chasing symptoms, start getting real answers regarding the ROOT CAUSE of your frustrating symptoms.
Enroll in The Root Cause Academy™ today!


5 Comprehensive Video Lessons (Value: $1,899)
200 Pages of eBooks & PDF Handouts (Value: $699)
Private Facebook Community (Value: $499)
120+ Metabolism-Supportive Recipes (Value: $299)



....but The Root Cause Academy
is yours today for only:

See what other Root Cause Academy students are saying about the course!

Beth S

holistic dietitian 


"I enrolled in RCA to gain more knowledge on root cause healing in order to support my own nutrition clients. Additionally, I myself have been struggling with symptoms like fatigue and bloating for over 2 years. Doctors told me all of my labs were completely normal and suggested thyroid medication. I was close to choosing that route when I discovered Summer's course and immediately enrolled! I cannot recommend RCA enough - Summer is so thorough and detailed, I can't believe the incredible amount of value in this program for such a low cost.


With Summer's knowledge I was able to pinpoint that my bloating was due to consuming low-quality dairy (I had no idea how to source high quality dairy before this course!), combined with some nervous system dysregulation and living in a building with mold. Because of RCA I was able to completely heal my fatigue and bloating on my own using nutrition, supplements and some of the detox support tools from the course like castor oil packs. This course also gave me the confidence and tools I needed to address and heal from the mold I was living in for over 7 years! I also learned SO much information on root cause healing that I am now able to pass onto my own clients. THANK YOU Summer for everything!!"

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root cause academy (5).png

Abbey L

copywriter & spin instructor

new york

"The Root Cause Academy was EXACTLY what I needed after years of being told by doctors that I was going to have IBS forever. Summer gave me the hope I needed to dig deeper, empower myself and find the real root causes of my constipation, bloating, diarrhea, etc. The Root Cause Academy gave the support I needed to order bioenergetic lab testing and find the supplements that work best for my body. I found out I had some parasites and bacteria that needed to be addressed. The supplements combined with all of the AMAZING recommendations in RCA turned out to be exactly what my body needed. It's been 2 months and my IBS symptoms continue to improve drastically every week! I'm so thankful to have discovered The Root Cause Academy, if you're struggling with any kind of "mystery" symptoms I can't recommend it enough!

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root cause academy 2.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    • As someone who struggled with chronic fatigue for over 5 years, I created this course specifically for the energy and time-deficient in mind. This is a self-paced course with just over 2 hours of video content broken up into 5 modules. There are also over 200 pages of additional bonus handouts and eBook guides, so you're able to pick and choose which information you want to consume as well. 

  • How long do I have access to the course for? 

    • Once you purchase the course you have unlimited lifetime access, as well as access to all future updates to the program. 

  • Do you offer refunds?

    • Due to the digital nature of this course and numerous PDF downloads included, there are no refunds on the course. Summer has extensive experience in the field of root cause health and is confident you will find value in The Root Cause Academy! However, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at

  • Is lab testing included in this course?

    • Lab testing is not included in the price of the course, however in Module 4, Summer explains her favorite root cause testing options and how to order bioenergetic lab testing for yourself if you are interested.

  • Will I have 1:1 access to Summer during the course?

    • Your purchase of The Root Cause Academy includes exclusive access to the RCA community Facebook group! Summer checks the Facebook group daily to answer questions related to the course. If you are interested in more in-depth support, 1:1 programs are also available as an add-on to The Root Cause Academy. Feel free to email if you have any questions. 

  • I'm still not 100% sure this course is right for me. What are my options?

    • We're always here to help! Reach out to with any questions or concerns, no matter how big or small. 

Have other questions?

Please email us at

Join The Root Cause Academy Today!

More RCA Student Reviews!

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"I kept reading about parasite cleansing but had no idea where to start and if it was something I needed to do. But I was determined to get to the real root cause of my chronic constipation! RCA gave me the confidence to introduce some parasite cleansing (after opening up my drainage pathways of course) and sure enough, I pass a 6 inch long parasite within the first 2 weeks on the recommended Cellcore protocol (maybe TMI but I want people to know lol!) I am still working on parasites and drainage but I'm already feeling soo much better. Thank you Summer for this amazing course and info!!!"

- Rachel S.

"First off let me say I really appreciate how to-the-point this course was! The video lessons were short but SO impactful and Summer gets straight to the point. I'm a busy mom so I was very grateful for that. After my first baby, I started having horrible hormone-related symptoms like PMS rage, cystic acne and really bad bloating. My doctor tried to put me on birth control but I knew there had to be a better way forward. Summer & RCA gave me the confidence I needed to take my health into my own hands and improve my nutrition, reduce stress, and continue educating myself to be healthier for myself and my family. My symptoms have improved and as an added bonus, my baby isn't as colicky since we're currently breastfeeding!"

- Carley R. 

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