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The Truth About Coffee Enemas: Debunking Myths and Exploring Benefits

coffee enema set up, how to do a coffee enema, coffee enema benefits

There is plenty of controversy floating around the internet regarding coffee enemas. Are they safe? Are coffee enemas effective for detoxification? Are they harmful for those who are sensitive to caffeine? What are the benefits of coffee enemas? Today, I want to touch on the many reasons why I love coffee enemas as well as my recommendations for how to do a coffee enema.

The History of Coffee Enemas

Enemas have been used since the 1800s to speed up healing after surgeries and reverse the effects of accidental poisonings. Enemas are one of the oldest medical treatments known to man. The oldest known medical text, the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus (1,500 B.C.), records the use of enemas.

Coffee enemas were in use throughout the ancient world in Samaria, Babylonia, India, Greece, Africa and China. Greek literature is filled with references of the therapeutic use of enemas. American Indians, as well as pre-Columbian

South Americans crafted enema bags from animal bladders, latex and bones.

Today, doctors of alternative medicine often use coffee enemas as part of natural treatment protocols for fighting liver dysfunction, cancer, constipation, candida, viruses, and more.

coffee enema set up, how to do a coffee enema, coffee enema benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Coffee Enemas?

In 1984 Dr. Peter Lechner from Graz, Austria stated, “Coffee enemas have a definite effect on the colon which can be observed with an endoscope. Wattenberg and co-workers were able to provide in 1981 that the palmitic acid found in coffee promotes the activity of glutathione S-transferase and other

ligands by manifold times above the norm. It is this enzyme group which is responsible primarily for the conjugation of free electrophile radicals which the gall bladder will then release.”

A coffee enema detoxifies a vast array of toxins from the bloodstream and, according to Gar Hildenbrand of the Gerson Institute, “must be regarded as an

important mechanism for carcinogen detoxification.” It is believed that kahweol and cafestol palmitate in coffee increase the liver’s production of glutathione by as much as 700% - making coffee enemas an extremely potent tool for detox support.

The coffee enema is typically held for 15 minutes and then again for 15 more minutes. Each molecule of blood in the body passes through the liver every three minutes. During a coffee enema session all the blood cells of the body experience detoxification.

Additional benefits of coffee enemas:

1. During a coffee enema, caffeine is absorbed through the blood vessels in your intestinal wall. This triggers the smooth muscles in the intestines to contract and empty the bowels — making them great for constipation support!

2. The compounds cafestol & kahweol in coffee are known to increase the levels of the potent antioxidant glutathi0ne, known as “the mother of anti0xidants” due to its ability to combat oxidative damage.

3. Coffee enemas also help promote the release of bile, which enhances your body’s ability to filter out unwanted waste & toxins.

4. Coffee enemas are also great for breaking up and removing parasites, Candida and biofilm from the intestinal lining and colon. I always see the best results parasite cleansing (in my own experience & clinically) when coffee enemas are used.

Who would benefit from doing coffee enemas?

Coffee enemas are helpful for those struggling with chronic symptoms such as IBS, bloating, constipation, parasite overgrowth, SIBO, sluggish liver, hormone imbalances, poor bile flow, skin conditions like acne or eczema, Lyme and food sensitivities.

However, coffee enemas are also a great preventative tool for anyone looking to support their liver and combat the daily onslaught of toxins we're exposed to in our daily lives.

Coffee Enema Instructions: How To Do a Coffee Enema

Coffee enema equipment + supplies

coffee enema kit and instructions

  • 1 quart of organic coffee

    • Make sure you purchase organic, mold-free coffee. I like PureLife Enema Coffee which is roasted specifically for coffee enemas. There are many suitable options out there, just do your research first and make sure the coffee is certified organic and mycotoxin-free.

  • Quart-sized French press to brew the coffee

    • You can also brew the coffee in a glass or stainless steel pot, then strain through a fine strainer.

  • Enema bag or bucket

  • Olive oil or organic coconut oil

  • Nontoxic liquid soap & hydrogen peroxide

  • Watch or timer (to time 12-15 minute sessions)

How to do a coffee enema

To prepare one quart (four cups) of coffee, which is recommended for one enema session: 

1. Boil one quart (four cups) of purified or spring water and add to French press. Place 3 tablespoons of organic coffee grounds (start with 2 tbsp to assess tolerance if it is your first time) in the French press and stir. 

2. Let sit to brew for 5-10 minutes, then strain and pour into enema bucket. Make sure the tube is clamped shut before pouring the coffee into the bucket. You may want to add some ice cubes to bring it to body temperature.

3. The coffee can be made the night before each use. Reheat to body temperature before using. 

4. Place a thick towel and a pillow for your head on the floor near the toilet. Keeping extra towels handy can be helpful in case of spillage. 

5. Set enema bucket on top of the toilet, a stool or the wall of the bathtub - any place that will keep it about 18-21 inches from the floor. 

6. Lubricate the tip of the colon tube using olive oil or coconut oil.

7. Unclamp the colon tube and let out the first bit of coffee into the sink or bathtub. This will remove any air pockets.  

8. Lie on your left side or your back and insert the colon tube slowly 3-6 inches into the rectum. If the tube kinks pull out and try again, as kinking will block the flow of the coffee.

9. Release the clamp, letting about a pint of coffee (two cups, which is half the amount in the bag or bucket) flow slowly in, and re-clamp. If the coffee does not flow there is most likely a kink in the tube. Withdraw the tube, reinsert, and try again.

10. Turn to your right side. Hold the coffee for 12-15 minutes. At first, it may be difficult to retain the enema. That is okay. Gradually work up to the 12-15 minutes.

11. After 15 minutes expel the liquid in the toilet. 

12. Wait about 5 minutes to ensure that you are finished eliminating and then repeat the enema as directed in steps 6-11 with the remaining coffee.

13. After each use, clean the enema bag or bucket and tubing with hot water and soap. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide and hang to dry. 

coffee enema set up, how to do a coffee enema, coffee enema benefits

Troubleshooting Coffee Enemas + After-Care

Supplementing with mineral support after the enema is recommended to enhance hydration. I recommend Trace Mineral Drops or  1-2 capsules of CT-Minerals from Cellcore.

It is very rare, but some individuals may feel slightly jittery due to the caffeine in the coffee, although, most often, clients find the enemas relaxing. Absorption of the coffee is very low when doing a coffee enema. Jitteriness should lessen after the third session. If not, make the coffee weaker.

Having difficulty holding the coffee enemas for 12-15 minutes? 

This may be due to feces being compacted in the descending colon. You can try the following: 

A. Start with one cup of warm purified or spring water. Take in water and hold until urge to release is felt. Release completely and then do your two coffee enemas.

B. Drinking two cups of warm water with fresh lemon juice upon rising, prior to enemas, will often initiate a bowel movement. 

C. Take additional magnesium prior to bedtime such as CT-Minerals or Bio-Optimizers. This will increase the likelihood of having a nice bowel movement first thing in the morning. 

D. Sometimes you can only hold enemas for a few minutes and that’s okay! What matters most is that the coffee is being held for at least 3-5 minutes minimum to stimulate the liver/gallbladder.

coffee enema set up, how to do a coffee enema, coffee enema benefits

Common Questions About Coffee Enemas

Can coffee enemas help with weight loss?

Coffee enemas will not directly influence weight loss. However, they do stimulate glutathione production and support liver drainage. In this respect, coffee enemas are useful for promoting detoxification. Proper detoxification is necessary for healthy metabolic function, which aids in maintaining a healthy weight.

Do coffee enemas help with constipation?

The caffeine in coffee enemas is absorbed through the intestinal wall, which stimulates smooth muscle contraction in the intestines. Increased smooth muscle contraction helps your bowels empty themselves and relieves constipation. Coffee enemas can also help to cleanse compacted feces from the descending colon. Although coffee enemas should not be relied upon as the only way to stimulate bowel movements, they can be helpful to get things moving.

What are the risks of coffee enemas?

Always discuss with your trusted health practitioner before introducing new detox modalities or supplements. Coffee enemas are generally well-tolerated but should not be used by anyone with colitis or other severe colon illnesses, or anyone that takes a diuretic or has serious heart, liver or kidney problems.

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