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heal with summer

harness the power of your body's own energy to heal.

heal with summer
the root cause clinic

find the real root cause of chronic gut & hormone symptoms

The Method

The Root Cause Clinic is a time-tested roadmap for root cause gut + hormone healing using bioenergetic scans, energy work, bioindividual detox protocols, root cause education and more.

No more guesswork. No more endless labs. No crazy diets or protocols with 20+ supplements. Just your personal roadmap to healing.

heal with summer
Water Texture

500+ clients served

500+ labs interpreted

8+ years experience


I'm a Functional Health Practitioner passionate about helping women heal from "mystery" gut and hormone symptoms utilizing bioenergetics and a root cause approach.

I spent over half of my life bouncing from doctor to doctor seeking relief from cystic acne, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and more before ultimately receiving the diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease.

After regaining my full health and vitality, I developed The Root Cause Clinic to help other women heal from "mystery" chronic symptoms. I've now used this one-of-a-kind roadmap to help over 500 women heal from a variety of root causes. 


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Hey, I'm Summer

functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner (FDN-P)
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functional diagnostic nutrition

let's address the real root cause of your frustrating symptoms.

heal with summer
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happy clients

heal with summer
heal with summer
functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner
detox drainage
detox drainage
detox drainage
detox drainage
detox drainage
detox drainage
gut detox parasites
heal with summer

Corinne T.

main health struggles addressed:

hair loss, acne, rosacea, weight gain insomnia, nervous system dysregulation, blood sugar issues, insulin resistance, liver stress, parasites, lyme and coinfections

WHERE DO I EVEN START?! I'm emotional writing this testimonial- I absolutely adore Summer with every fiber of my being. I would not be where I am today without her. She has and continues to be so instrumental to me on my healing journey on a variety of levels. Not only is she extremely well educated in the field of root causes/parasites/pro-metabolic nutrition, etc., she has the patience of a saint. She is always willing and ready to answer all of my incessant questions, as I'm someone who needs information to feel safe and at ease. She deeply understood that need and could relate to it on a personal level, which made me feel extremely seen throughout the process of working together.


I saw a LOT of progress very quickly- my body reacted very positively to the supplements that I resonated with on my scan and I'm still in the midst of detoxing/healing, but I deeply believe that her love and support is also what fast-tracked my progress. I felt so committed to healing knowing I had someone cheering me on from the sidelines. My focus on self-care, nutrition, and nervous system support is the most diligent its ever been, as healing is not linear nor is it one dimensional, and I think that's the piece people need to remember. One supplement is not going to fix all of your problems, and Summer will continue to remind you of that and motivate you to keep the faith.


I didn't expect the notions of people pleasing and boundaries to come up in our conversations, but I soon realized how that was sabotaging my healing progress by not putting myself and my health first. The effects this work has on your nervous system is so profound- I felt myself having a higher capacity and tolerance for everyday stressors that used to quickly knock the wind out of my sails.


The work Summer does is truly so profound and I haven't seen anyone else out there like her, and I've met with several Ayurvedic practitioners/nutritionists/functional medicine doctors in the past. Not one provided the level of care Summer did. If you're on the fence about working with her, this is your message to GO FOR IT. You will not be disappointed. The worst thing that can happen is that your body will heal and you will feel better. Who doesn't want that?! Thank you, Summer, for everything- you are an angel and I'm so happy I found you and took the plunge! All of this work has been and continues to be so worth it.

heal with summer
ibs pcos practitioner


Drainage & Detox Guide

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Grab my FREE 25+ page Drainage & Detox Guide for more information on how to kickstart your healing journey.


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it's time to heal with flow, not force

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