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The Root Cause Clinic

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your personalized roadmap to healing

we are a root cause focused practice specializing in...

gut health, ibs, leaky gut, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmunity 

hormonal imbalance, pcos, lyme, chronic fatigue, anxiety

depression, acne, eczema, chronic pain

...and more.

YES. there is a root cause behind your symptoms.

we address it with...


bioenergetic testing

herbal supplements


custom protocols

functional nutrition

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virtual muscle testing

nervous system support

if you have been told...

> that you'll be stuck with chronic symptoms forever
> that medication is the only answer
> that gut + hormone imbalances don't have a root cause
> that the body functions as isolated parts, not a whole
> that food, lifestyle choices & pathogens/toxins have no impact on your health


...this program was created for you.

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a peek inside the program...

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community chat portal

virtual muscle testing

unlimited access to the Root Cause Clinic community portal with direct access to Summer to ask questions + share health wins [24 hour response time]. we're always here to answer any & all questions, support you during the process and provide a shoulder to lean on when you need it. VIP program also includes private 1:1 chat portal.

virtual muscle testing to assess root causes of symptoms, find the correct supplement dosage for your body's needs and tailor your protocol to your unique biology. no "bandaid" advice - every recommendation is bioindividual to YOUR body's needs.

bioenergetic scans

community Q&A calls

your bioenergetic scan kit [small hair + saliva sample] will be dropshipped to you upon purchase of the program. the scans test for nutrient & hormone imbalances, organ weaknesses, pathogens, toxins, food & environmental sensitivities, resonating supplements and more. first scan includes 30-40 minute comprehensive screen recording overview.

bi-weekly drop-in office hours with Summer to touch base, connect with others on similar healing journeys, ask questions + share health wins. calls are recorded + uploaded to the RCC portal for your convenience. VIP program also includes bi-weekly 1:1 support calls.

bi-weekly protocol updates

bioindividual protocol

using your health history, muscle testing and lab results, we create a custom bioindividual detox protocol with supplement dosing guidelines and detox tool recommendations. since we are working with your body's own bioenergetic code, detox reactions are drastically minimized and supplements achieve higher efficacy.

bi-weekly remote muscle testing and protocol updates as needed, delivered virtually + privately. continuous protocol updates ensure we are utilizing the exact detox support your body needs throughout your program - nothing more and nothing less.

unlimited online course access

unlimited lifetime access to The Root Cause Clinic online course. 6+ modules of root cause education with video lectures from Summer, a living FAQ guide, 120+ functional nutrition recipes and access to information only available to RCC members.

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Scout W.

main health struggles:

Hashimotos, infertility, Lyme and coinfections, chronic fatigue, bloating

"Summer was absolutely fantastic to work with! Our time together changed my life and I am so thankful to have been able to work with her! She is so attentive and immediately makes you feel comfortable when talking about your personal health. I always felt so secure and understood by Summer.


Prior to working with Summer, I struggled with autoimmune conditions that resulted in chronic fatigue, bloating, weight gain, eczema, anxiety and just about any unsavory symptom you could imagine.


We found out that my nervous system was the most stressed which was just wreaking havoc across other systems in my body.


Within the first month of working with Summer my chronic fatigue had almost completely disappeared and by the end of the program my chronic fatigue was GONE. I am now able to wake up everyday with energy, maintain energy throughout the day and actually get sleepy at an appropriate time at night.

I am also so happy to say that my digestion is back on track! I am able to eat throughout the day without ballooning up and I no longer experience heart burn. Each week I notice my body getting healthier and happier and have had significant improvements with my chronic symptoms. 
Summer was able to help me heal and has given me endless tools to continue healing on my own. I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again-my body finally feels like MINE again. 
I’m so grateful for everything she has taught me, her expertise and how much she cares about her clients. 
Do not hesitate working with Summer, she is amazing! 
Thank you Summer for everything! You are truly a gift! 💗"


Image by Marissa Rodriguez
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Heal With Summer Services Guide.png
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Heal With Summer Services Guide (2).png
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i am living proof that healing is possible.

i went from from severe chronic Lyme disease and a slew of random, "undiagnosable" mystery symptoms...

IMG_3699.HEIC healthy, vibrant and thriving.

summer_asp_2022_064 (4).jpg

and ive helped hundreds of women struggling with mystery chronic symptoms do the same.

no more one size fits all protocols.
no more bandaid diagnoses.
no more confusion as to WHY you are experiencing symptoms.

instead, you can expect:

real answers.
proven solutions.
support every step of the way.

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Boats in the Bay

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